Designer Web and Webmaster graduated with the tertiary title in the National University of Buenos Aires.


At first my love by the poetry I take to realize my first Web Corner of the Poet where timidly I exhibited my writings, but it was born a deep passion , the design of Pages there Webs, that I learned of the hand of the Wof a Spanish friend JZJT, who also taught the art to me of scripts. In this way I learned and soon I perfected myself in the dependent RICARDO ROJAS of the U.B.A. where I left with the title Designer pages Webs. But I must recognize that the my greater learning has been single. I have done at now of

30 pages Webs, the majority even is in Internet and are set out in my Portfolio and now also I inaugurate next my own Designs of Webset. My slogan Designs from the soul, is not accidental , my pages Webs are special, are not of the commercial type, although I can also do them, but I enjoy interpreting what the other must to say in images and music… and

I have taken this profession when I did not think, like a divine gift. For that reason I am expert in fulfilling dreams… because first I fulfill my own dreams that in fact never I have stopped having them. They never let die its dreams… that  stimulate the soul to me .