Norms of hiring and procedures

All hiring or order of services implies the total knowledge and acceptance of the following you rule (this same text would be sent it by email it emits a budget):

 CLOSED BUDGETS: The budgets are elaborated from the information that provides the client to me, and they are based on:

 a. The aesthetic design (the client can choose a design within a proposal, you can suggest a site of your affability to obtain something similar, and can also order a customized design totally to size)

b. The amount of sections and web pages that the site owns (ex: " Home" , " Products" , " Prices" , " Clients" , " Poems" , etc.),

c. The amount of images to publish in the Web site, and the necessity to realise adjustments or photographic edition.

d. The amount and complexity of additional dynamic applications.
Everything what the client does not specify in his request will not be contemplated in the budget, therefore I always advise to evaluate the real needs before ordering to a Web site.
The client must realise the most exact detail possible with the requirements and needs that must fulfill each work.

TERMS OF PROJECTS: In the agreement between the client and this designer to webmaster Cris Carbone organize a date of beginning and a date of conclusion for each project. The client must fulfill sending yours requirements to me in written form, and the material to
implement in the site. As for me, I COMMIT MYSELF (while there is a mutual relation of respect) to give the product finished in the decided date. Any breach on the part of the client who derives in an excessive extension of the date of conclusion of the project will give me right to evaluate the reclamation of an extra payment in compensation. Also any breach on the part of the lender of the service (CrisCarbone Designs Graphics) that extends in excessive form the term of the project will give the right to the client to demand a discount compensatory. It is considerate the Date of beginning of
each project is considered when:

a. Receipt or I verify the accreditation in my banking account of the amount of the first required payment.

b. The client give me the first turn to me of material to include in the Web site, along with the specification of yours needs with respect to the project at issue.

c. And in case of owning a engaged Web server, you send the data to us of access necessary to be able to raise the works.

DELIVERY OF MATERIAL TO PUBLISH: The delivery of the material (texts, images, etc.) on the part of the client must determine when being approved the budget, stipulating itself the way, format and term of the same. The material must be given DIGITIZED. In case it is given form I will acquire an extra amount by concepts of: I scan, text transcriptions, and digitalization of images, tables or graphs.

CLIENTS IN OTHER CITIES OR COUNTRIES: They will be able to send the material to us via email.

PAYMENT WAY: The payments by my services are due to realise of the following ways-

1- For inferiors amounts or equals to the $200 dollars, the payment will have in advance to be 100%.

2- For amounts to $700 dollars, the payment will have to be realised 50% in advance and 50% rest when finalizing the
project, when the site is published and working or the mode of payment agreed to opportunely with the client.

3- Date of beginning of the work is considered, once credited (or received) the advanced amount of the first payment, without exceptions.

Any breach of payment that surpasses 1 month from the conclusion of the work will give me right to suspend to the Web site at issue or to despublicar of Internet. Any breach of payment that surpasses the 2 months from the conclusion of the project will give the right me to protest judicially.


If the client will have paid all the work in advance, and later she would stop the same, the totality paid like compensation by the damages and damages will be able to ask for some return according to the amount of work that already had been realized, being able in some of the cases, only to be taken that will be able to cause such decision.

WORK METHODOLOGY: Before the beginning of the work, it is realized an exact detail of the characteristics and functionalities of the site corresponding to the sent budget. All the changes of plans during each project will have to be contemplated under a
rationality criterion: for example, you could not change 100% of the design along with all the contents and navigability of the site. In case of arising on the march important modifications or extra aggregation of material extra to the original project, these will evaluate according to their complexity and working time, to establish an extra concept of payment. Nevertheless, when these changes do not consume an excessive and considerable time to me of work, I will not recharge it to the budget (for example: when it is desired to add or to change a text on the other, to replace an image, etc.).

But I advise to have well in clear the site to realize in order to soon make changes coherent, otherwise the time will be received that consume these changes.

UPDATES: After which the project is finalized, any request of change or modification in the Web site will be taken like " modernize" , budgeting idepending the case and work to realize.
All the updates will payment of time be paid without exceptions, always having a stipulated minimum.

 QUALITY ASSURANCE AND OPTIMAL OPERATION: My works are completely controlled before their launching. If the client notices some fault that it must to an omission or mine error I will reapir inmediate without extra cost.

ACCESSES TO THE CPANEL AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE SITE: When the client request it , I will provide the data to him regarding the dominion, to the account of hosting (accesses by FTP or panel control), and to the administration of the site, always that the Hosting is provided by this Designer. This will allow to manage and/or to administer to your Web site (or to contract third parties they do so that it by you) without having the necessity to depend exclusively on my services.

Nevertheless when these data are provided I separate of the responsibility by the correct operation of the site at issue. The repair of disadvantages or flaws brought about by derivate actions from the manipulation of tools of the site with ignorance or negligence on the part of the client, it will be budgeted and received aside. The client does not have to enter in areas of the panel control or areas of the administration of own site in which you does not own technical qualification.

 BACK UP OF SUPPORT:  I realise complete back up of each project Web at the time of giving it to the client. Nevertheless, it is of the Web site is direct responsibility of the client to have back up still more that it owns, (when is dynamic Web sites that collect and
update data in periodic form). In case of occurring fortuitous questions that cause the loss of data in the cpanel ((hackeos, faults in hardware, etc.), I do not become person in charge by the partial or total loss of property information of the client who understands your Web site or another documentation/archives lodged in the servidor.

PROPERTY OF EACH WEB SITE AND LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY: The client is the unique proprietor and responsible for the Web site that orders to me, you only asked for a respect question to conserve my brand of CrisCarbone Webmaster like designer of the site. On the other hand, the client is the unique RESPONSIBLE PERSON by the contents of OWNS site as much in legal things as also in things of copyrights and
rights of author by texts and contents published there.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT OF the SERVICE DE Hosting:  In case the client decides to contract a service of Hostings by your account, or if you have a contracted service, the technical support to the respective company of hosting will have to protest. Any disadvantage arisen in servidor they are not engaged by my , it will not be reason for my responsibility.

 DIRECT LINK TO THE SITE OF THE DESIGNERS: All the constructed Web sites will take in my page a connection or to banner towards, in the declaration of Copyright. The intention of not having this connection will have to be communicated prior to the accomplishment of the project and will suppose an increase of the 10% in the total budget.

PUBLICATION IN MY PORTFOLIO:  All mine clients are published in my section " Portafolio" , safe in the cases that the client does not wish to be there In such case, you will have to notify to me by means of an email in writing, before beginning with the project, and will have to add an increase of the 10% in the total budget.

CONCLUSION OF THE BUDGETS: The budgets expire after 20 days since they are received by the client, if I do not get an answer of the same within that term. In case the client wishes to contract but to delay, the project will have to do an advance to payment.

AVERAGE OF PAYMENTS: The payments of resident clients in Argentina will be able to be realised by transference or banking deposit (Bank Argentina Nation and French Bank) in an account prepared to such effect. For resident clients abroad, they will have to
realise payments via Western Union and the shipment cost will be in charge of the client.